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Mental Health and Workplace Wellness

Loving or hating your job can cause stress in life, Did you know that 70% of people in US who are currently employed are searching for other jobs and the main cause is that they are stressed out in their current working place?

Studies have shown that being unhappy with work can take a huge toll on health, relationships, and even lifespan. Those in unhealthy working environments tend to have more healthcare appointments and absenteeism, which would eventually cause poor performance in the workplace.

Here at Envoy Workplace Solutions we take serious measures to ensure the good health of our team members and our clients’ staff. We offer various programs like Child Care, Mental Health Webinars, HR and sexual harassment seminars, even health and dental programs where the staff doesn’t have to be worried about spending their own money for the betterment of their health.

Moral Build Up and team spirit build up Bootcamps

Who doesn’t love to be adventurous? We believe that building the team spirit of your workers can lead to innovative solutions and overall team performance in the workplace. We plan and organize team spirit build up vacations for the entire office staff or depending on departmental vice. We believe that by breaking the barrier between the employer and employee by putting them at the same location to work together to achieve one goal not only increases their bond, but their understanding of one another as well. Which in the sense each team player will know their limits and and capabilities.

In Conclusion what we try to achieve by providing this particular service is to to increase the social skills and the integrity and strength of the working place.

Day Care

Providing day care in the workplace can have many benefits for companies, including improving employee morale, lowering turnover and attracting a wider variety of applicants. Although providing workplace day care can be expensive, many companies find that it actually saves money in decreasing employee absenteeism and turnover. Several options exist, from bring-your-baby-to-work programs to on-site day care and cooperatives between small companies. Here at Work Life Solutions we offer day car


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