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Envoy Ortus (Pvt) Ltd is a professional and highly experienced Business Process Management Company with expertise in many functional areas. We pride ourselves as one of the leaders in the extended office services and Business Process Management in Sri Lanka. We provide modern facilities, experienced staff and expert solutions to business bottlenecks with absolute low operational costs while maintaining the set standards of organizations.

We specialize in startups and have supported several local and foreign companies launching their businesses services in Sri Lanka and to have successfully sustained through the years. Based on the business scope and the objectives of our clients, we undertake to setup and launch the company in Sri Lanka on behalf of the clients. We recruit the people and deploy the resources in terms of achieving the expected results or facilitate clients to source the right resources and manage HR & Payroll, Finance & Accounting, Administration & Procurement, IT Services, Sales & Marketing and other necessary support services required for functioning a company in Sri Lanka where the client can focus on their core businesses.

We believe in growing with the clients and supporting our clients in establishing and their sustainability in Sri Lanka resulting in many of the startups had grown from smaller scale to larger organizations today. Sri Lanka has become a favorite destination across the world for extended office services due to the quality of work, skill levels of people, friendly culture, developed infrastructure, good business conditions, government support and mainly due to the cost effective manpower which costs only around USD 10 – 12 per manpower hour compared to other destinations. With all the right elements, Sri Lanka has become a hub for many foreign companies for reaching to other destinations in the world for excellent growth.

From Conception To Operational Success

Handling everything from A- Z we’ll ensure you a hassle-free and effortless business set up process in Sri Lanka with optimum agility

HR Services

HR Services

We have an experienced team of production and inspection personnel to ensure quality.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Our quality policy: strict and effective managment to have best product for you.

Business Support

Business Support

In the shortest possbible time for customers to solve questions of the use of product.



In the shortest possbible time for customers to solve questions of the use of product.

Space & Infrastructure

Space & Infrastructure

In the shortest possbible time for customers to solve questions of the use of product.

Why Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in South East Asia that rank top among the BPO destinations in the region. The island is well known for maintaining world-class standards, work practices still with South-East Asian affordability. What sets it apart from other BPO destinations in the region is its foreign investment encouraging economic growth model, preferential tax rates, constitutional guarantees on investment agreements, exemptions from exchange control and 100% repartition of profits.

In fact Sri Lanka is the 25th best country in the world to outsource to, according to AT Kerney’s Global Services Location Index (GLSI) 2019- which considers factors such as financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, local business environment and digital resonance.


Strongly Rising Economy

Ranked as the Most liberalized Economy in South Asia

Supportive Government Policies

Best constitutional Guarantee for Foreign Investment

Preferential Tax Rates

Bilateral Double Tax Avoidance Agreement with 38 Countries

Well qualified Talent Pool

Young graduate and professional workforce growing at over 20% year-on-year

English Speaking

Widely Spoken and Main Language used in the Business Community

Cost-Effective Workforce

Salaries in Sri Lanka are a Fraction of those in the Western World

Leading Business Setup - Provider In Sri Lanka


Creative Environment


Award Winning Team


End-to-End Solutions

value 1

Elite Clientele



Learn how companies around the globe use Envoy ortus to build stronger relationship with their customers and change the way they do business. We are specialized in making successful happy customer.

Explore the next level in your business

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