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Senior Developer

About the Team

This role will be based within our Despatch product set team which is part of our Outbound Logistics Product Group. The other two teams within this particular area of the business are Packing and Carrier & Tracking. All 3 of these sets work seamlessly together to ensure our product is sent out in a timely manner to our wonderful customers.

As per the name of the Despatch product set, you'll be helping develop a solution for all processes relating to the despatch of stock from our warehouses. The distribution part of the title refers to looking after anything required to support NEXT Distribution Ltd.’s internal distribution fleet.

About the Role

You'll work on various exciting and high-profile projects, to ensure our systems/applications support the portfolio of products we have now and into the future. Making sure as NEXT expands or adopts new initiatives, our systems evolve and grow to support it every step of the way.

Working with us would mean exposure to new technologies and ways of working, getting involved in forcing through change, and ultimately providing our customers with a better service. Like all teams, we also have challenges with some legacy applications and ‘older’ code languages, but who doesn’t love a good challenge?

The team is made up of a mixed skill set of both PC and Mainframe Developers. You will help provide the analysis and development skills we need to create and enhance our systems and applications, as well as offer out-of-hours call-outs on a rota basis. You’ll also use your expertise and experience to help us continually improve our processes, quality, and working practices, actively enabling the team to become as efficient and effective as it can be.

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